Product Warranty Policy

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We are committed to offering high quality products and pay particular attention to the needs of our customers. If a problem or defect is found in the items purchased on our website, we invite you to carefully read our warranty policy, aimed at adding greater clarity with respect to legal regulations, in resolving compliance issues.

Below is an extract of our GCS - general conditions of sale.

7. Product warranty

7.1 The Products available on the Site are guaranteed, in accordance with the law, for defects in conformity that appear within 2 (two) years of delivery to the consumer customer. To prove the date of purchase it is necessary to present the purchase receipt or the electronic payment receipt. The guarantee is reduced to 1 (one) year in the case of issuing a tax invoice to subjects with a VAT number.

7.2 To exercise the right relating to the guarantee of the Products purchased, the Buyer must complete the information request form specifying the nature of the request and will be contacted as soon as possible by PitStop Camper who will send the form to exercise the guarantee right.

7.3 The warranty does not apply if the Product has been damaged, even accidentally, due to the negligence of people other than PitStop Camper and tampering not authorized by PitStop Camper by the Buyer or third parties. It should be noted that complex products and spare parts that require assembly and/or installation in a system or plant by qualified workshops or installers can be sent to the manufacturer's assistance laboratories only if the workshop that carried out the assembly in order to be able to contact you and have detailed information to transmit.