Refillable LPG cylinders

"Refillable cylinders" are those ECE 67R01 approved tanks that must be installed in a fixed position on caravans and campers. These tanks have a technologically advanced safety valve which blocks the gas filling at 80%, preventing excessive and dangerous filling. These cylinders have two valves; one for loading and one for refueling and one for unloading to feed the airframe system.

Cylinders with ECE 67R01 certification are not subject to a 10-year inspection period by the TUV and meet the highest safety standards.

The cylinders can be refilled at the petrol station with a direct refueling connection on the cylinder or with a wall socket positioned on the chassis or body of the camper.

The certification and the serial number are shown on a metal plate fixed to the cylinder; a self-adhesive plate with the same information is also supplied.

With these cylinders you can travel the world without refueling problems as it will always be possible to find an open fuel distributor near you, also thanks to the case with filling adapters suitable for all of Europe.

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1 2 SAE filling adapter and...


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2 CAMPKO steel cylinders...


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2 CAMPKO steel cylinders...


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copy of Piece TG 3/4 UNF, 2...


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DISH connection Ø22 mm for...


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DREHMEISTER EU adapter kit...


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DREHMEISTER EU adapter kit...


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