The history of "PitStop Camper" began in 1985 with the birth of "MERLINI GAS IN BOMBOLE" in Scandicci – FI; the operational headquarters was located in Via Tiziano 4 / R, 50018 Scandicci - FI and the activity was classified as: methane gas and LPG, in cylinders and for tanks.

Subsequently, following a change in the company name, the business was transformed into "MERLINO GAS E CARAVAN". Over the years, the increase in the demand for gas cylinders for domestic use and campers, as well as that of spare parts and accessories for campers and caravans, has allowed the company to develop in the local economic fabric as "CAMPER WORLD S.A.S" moving to via di Scandicci 310 / A, 50141 - Florence.

Leonardo Niccoli, after working as an employee in an industrial analysis and testing laboratory in Prato and having worked as a commercial agent on behalf of a national company of products and services in the fire-fighting sector, took the opportunity in 2017 to take over the management of the activity limited at that time only to the physical store; This is how "PIT STOP CAMPER by Leonardo Niccoli" was born.

Considering that the physical store alone cannot have sufficient visibility for the development necessary for the company, in particular for the sector of "accessories and spare parts for campers and caravans", at the beginning of 2018 the e-commerce becomes operational through which the company is given visibility on the national territory. Following numerous requests from foreign customers, in 2021 e-commerce is translated into 5 languages, expanding sales to EU countries, immediately achieving success in particular with the offer of specialized spare parts of technical items.

Throughout history, people have changed but the passion for this sector has remained unchanged.


Offer a point of reference to users of recreational vehicles and end users of gas equipment, in order to accompany them in the purchase process first online and then in the store, through the resolution of problems related to the identification of the need, the search for information, the evaluation of technical alternatives, up to after-sales.

Our business idea therefore starts from the idea of integration between "brick and mortar" (literally bricks and mortar) used in marketing to distinguish companies that operate according to a traditional business model (physical store) from those that adopt an integrated business model called "click and mortar" (literally click and mortar) consisting of the online channel and the physical store.

We are working to make the specifications of the products offered for sale online more and more exhaustive, accompanying the product sheet with more images and information that allow an informed purchase. The presence of a physical store where customers can personally pick up the ordered product eliminating shipping costs, further deepen the aspects of the product or undefined details, identify the right part for their device by booking the purchase, we believe can be considered a mutual benefit.