Accessories for campers and caravans

Our e-commerce specializes in supplying private customers and companies with accessories and spare parts for campers and caravans.

We are resellers of the major distribution brands such as Trigano, Sifi, Dimatec, Ges International, Vecamplast, Frankana, as well as official resellers of Nordelettronica, CBE, AL-KO, Acquatravel, Lampa, Fiamma, Beyfin, Kemper, Eurocamping, etc.

In addition to making online purchases, you can visit us in our physical store in Florence to collect orders or to obtain clarifications and details on the products on sale.

Our catalog is organized by categories and subcategories in order to help you search for the product you are interested in; select the map on the left to go into detail.


  • Waterfall
  • Aeration
  • Thermal blinds

    Thermal blinds have the purpose of shielding the parts of the camper from external temperatures, protecting them from the cold but also from the heat of the sun; resulting in visual screening, in some cases they also ensure correct privacy from the outside world.

    Since the heat exchange occurs in both directions, the blinds prevent heat loss in winter and heat entry in summer.

    Thermal blinds for cabins and living areas are divided into two categories: external and internal.

    Considering that the best protection against heat and cold is the external one, the external blinds are applied mainly to the upper windshield, but also to the lower bonnet, to the windows, to the portholes, to the air conditioners, to everything that the sun or water may damage or compromise its operation. It should be highlighted that all the plastic parts of your vehicle become brittle with exposure to atmospheric agents and it is good practice to protect them.

    The internal blinds are mounted on the portholes and on the windows mainly for privacy. The internal thermal protections category also includes the under-bed partitions, the dividing walls between the cabin and the living area and the dashboard protections. The internal blinds for the driver's cab are the ones to which you pay the most attention as the thermal bridge towards the outside is very accentuated due to the large glass surface of the windshield. Quilted and reflective blinds to be fixed with suction cups are widely used.

    Very practical but high cost are the pleated blinds, for example vertical Dometic brand or horizontal Remis brand.


    Our promotions relating to new products are presented in this category, in order to encourage awareness and testing of the product, repeat purchases by customers who have already had the opportunity to experiment with the product and recommend it to a friend, visibility of the brand or sign.

    For this purpose, products belonging to this category enjoy advantages if the purchase is made within the period corresponding to the promotional campaign of each individual item.

    The advantages can be a discount coupon, free transport, the combination of another free product, or other.

  • Air conditioning Heating
  • Kitchen

    In this category you can find not only the essential components for your kitchen such as hob, refrigerator, extractor hood, single sinks or sinks combined with the hob, but also all the spare parts relating to your household appliances.

  • Electricity
  • Power
  • Cell exteriors
  • Lighting

    The lights are the complex of lighting systems mounted on board your vehicle.

    Lighting is one of the most important safety devices in vehicles as it characterizes our vision and comfort when driving and our visibility towards others.

    Some lighting fixtures are specific to the chassis manufacturer and are therefore available on the automotive market, others have been specially made by the bodybuilder of the cell or van or van or motorhome and are therefore available on our website.

    The lights that are not available on our website are exclusively supplied by some manufacturers who hold exclusive sales rights such as Himer, Pons, and others.

    In this category it is possible to find all the front, rear and side lights which are part of the specific components for campers and caravans.

    You can also find latest generation LED clearance lights and third brake lights.

    Some brands marketed by us: JOKON , HELLA , ASPOCK .

  • Gas
  • Lighting
  • Cell interior
  • Mattresses and beds
  • Multimedia
  • Do it yourself workshop
  • Outdoor
  • External sockets and...
  • Safety
  • Toilet

    In this product category you can find everything you need to create or maintain your bathroom in your camper.

    Fixed and mobile chemical toilets from Dometic, Thetford, Fiamma and related spare parts and accessories are available.

    The category “From chemical to nautical toilet” shows the items available for the transformation of your system.

    Regarding shower trays and sinks, if you cannot find your item online and you have a VR from the TRIGANO group, send us the photograph of the item you need and a copy of the registration document.

    We are resellers of the TRIGANO group and will check the availability of the spare part in their database.

  • Vehicle
  • External screen printing

    Since all the serigraphs are stored in the warehouses of their respective fitters, in small quantities, before buying, ask for confirmation of availability and cost.

    Only some of the serigraphs that can be supplied as spare parts are shown. Send us the vehicle registration document of your camper with the information or photographs of the desired screen printing and we will check the availability and costs on the manufacturer's database.

  • Car body

    Since all the bodywork items are stored in the warehouses of their respective fitters in small quantities, before purchasing, ask for confirmation of availability and cost.

    Only some of the body parts that can be supplied are shown. Send us the registration document of your camper with the information or photographs of the desired part and we will check the costs and availability on the manufacturer's database. Spare parts are normally available up to about 15 years after leaving the factory.

  • Curtain carpet
  • External locks
  • Varie

    In this category there are NEW products that are the last piece of stock or NEW items but out of production and still required as accessories or spare parts. Where USED products or products with conditions other than NEW are inserted, the status will be clearly highlighted.

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Rif: 9399

0,64 CRAMER gas burner nozzle


Rif: 15085

0.95 mt flexible stainless steel hose for drain Ø int 25 mm


Rif: 5410

  • Out-of-Stock

000.198.01 - Safety box 230V NE198 NORDELETTRONICA


Rif: 603

000.310.03 Nordelettronica LED indicator adapter installed on ITINEO


Rif: 16046



Rif: 12775



Rif: 10712

000.401.05 - 7 m wiring for NE274 touch panel


Rif: 14539

000.401.76 - Connector kit for connection 1463.185.03/04


Rif: 15631

000.403.82 TVDL cabling between panel and battery charger - 7 metres


Rif: 15549

000.403.95 - Terminal blocks kit for NE355


Rif: 15869

000.404.38 - NE350 1.5 meter NTC probe wiring


Rif: 15873

005.126.14 - Relay protection circuit 161235 LAIKA Nordelettronica


Rif: 15042

006385AGE - NTC probe wiring 4 meters CTE


Rif: 15868

1 / 2M "cylindrical chromed bathroom shower


Rif: 717

1 / 2M "square shower head


Rif: 718

1 click white switch for ceiling lights


Rif: 13508



Rif: 12009